Disband SFPD

After the Tenderloin, after a 1970 federal consent decree, after a blue ribbon panel, after 274 recommendation for reform from the US Department of Justice, after years of musical chairs in the top seat without progression, after the number of convictions of law enforcement officers employed by the city and county, after the number claims filed against the city and county and millions of dollars expended thereby, after the number of lives taken and others effected therefrom - Disbanding SFPD sets the people free.


What does disbanding the San Francisco Police Department look like?

Disbanding is a complete dissolving of the department and elimination all personnel positions. This allows for the legal purging of undesirable elements within the rank and file of the department.

Consolation of any and all existing agreement, contracts, and any other future and present obligations which may have been made in good faith but can not be honored due to the fact that one of the party’s to no longer are in existence.

All budget monies extended to the former department are left at the funding level for planning purposes in establishing the new entity which will provide the service and protection of San Francisco.

Disbanding SFPD frees the hands of our elected official to set policies and procedure for the public safety entity and individuals employed thereby without contentions negotiations and undue interference.

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