Every 28 Foundation was founded with the vision that even 1 Black or Brown life taken every 28 hours is unacceptable. Our vision is to facilitate the end of extrajudicial killing of Black and Brown lives not only here in America, but where all our brothas and sistas are senselessly murdered at the hand of law enforcement, private security, or Jon/Jane Doe. It is our intent to assist our people in obtaining knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of their rights and safety as they move about in these Black and Brown bodies that have given so much and received so little.

It is the vision of this organization to develop an army of allies not only those of color, but our white allies who have awakened from 400 years of slumber during the winter of discontent. It is our vision that they be as well informed historically as the people who have had the lived experience and are willing to place their white bodies on the frontlines of hope. It is our vision to recreate a “free” America with liberty and justice for all.


The mission of Every 28 Foundation is to be a source of hope in a raging sea of prejudice and power which result in racism. It is our mission to see that those who support our righteous cause should not linger in jails in the support of that cause. It is our mission to provide immediate legal representation to minimize the amount of time required to facilitate the release of our people and our allies. It’s our mission to assist our allies in their knowledge and understanding of “we the people” such that primaries are not always called to speak truth to power but that our allies are capable with the same veracity as their primary counterparts. And it shall always be our mission to directly address that failures and flaws which affect Black and Brown people in the five facets of this life.

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